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"Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

This quote defines the idea behind the inception of HimTrek. Born in May 2014, HimTrek is not just a travel company, but an entity that takes every effort to provide Experiences that cater to the needs of the adventurous traveller.

India is not only a magical land but one that amuses and surprise you at each and every step. Her vast topography, distinctive culture, colorful flora and fauna, and beautiful meadows make it irresistible for people to explore the country's furthest reaches. We leave no stone unturned while designing the packages for you, as we want all you travelers to have an unforgettable, enriching Experience.

What are we trying to create?

When listening to friends talking about their last adventure, can you remember your expression?

Did you dream of a similar journey?

This is exactly what we are trying to build: a community of travel junkies who are high on life, a community that lives by the philosophy of For Travelling, Of Travelling, By Travelling. They find themselves when they are lost in nature. They are the ones with Travel Dopamine rushing through their veins, who spread happiness by sharing their stories of new destinations, discoveries, and those unforgettable moments. They are the ones who dream of discovering new destination on the horizon. If you want to be a part of this adrenaline rush, then come on and pack your Bags.


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