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08 Oct 2017


So, your joy knows no bounds as you have finally decided to go for your first ever trek! But the catch is that you don’t know where to start? Well, we would like to Congratulate on your decision which would turn out to be one of the best in your life. Exploring the forbidding peaks of the Indian Himalayas is not easy but by taking certain measures will help you dodge the newbie mistakes.

Here are a couple of points that should be kept in mind while you're deciding your first ever trek.

Grades of Trek

Treks are divided into Easy, Moderate and Difficult. As a general convention, a beginner would likely to go the easy trek which spans up to a couple of days. But don’t make the word ’Easy’ fool you so easily because these are the Himalayas that you are planning to climb. You would need a basic physical fitness; basic preparation to get ready for your first trek.

Motivation For Trek

What kind of vistas have you envisioned? Does your interest lie in exploring centuries-old culture, monasteries or it is the remote mountains passes or walk over a lush green, soft alpine meadows or a steep climb and switchbacks or climbing high altitude, low altitude or river crossings that appeal to you more? Though seldom but with proper research, you might find a trek or two which would pack as much variety as possible.

Know Your Limits

If you don’t have the habit of walking long distances, you can try to cover short distances and take breaks. Fatigue is a common problem that most people usually face while on an excursion. You are the only one who is aware of your physical strength and endurance, so always keep your limitations in consideration.

Time of the year

For a novice trekker, no doubt the Indian terrain has a potpourri of options.You need to figure out which time of the year you are comfortable with. When do you want to explore the Himalayan terrains? It could be either in Summers, Monsoons, Autumn, and Winter. Choose the season as per your comfort and resistance level.

Why do you want to go

It might sound a redundant question at the end of this whole article but ask yourself again, why do you want to go? Do you love it? Because trekking is not only about the magical views, about making friends, and just finding your limits but PUSHING LIMITS AS WELL and if you are not prepared/ready for it then don’t leap. Go when you know that’ Mountains are calling you.'

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