If you are looking out for pure escapism, then your search ends here. This palatial cottage has ‘something for everyone’ here. It is an idyllic retreat from the din of the city life. You will be smitten by the wilderness around these cottages- nestled beautifully in the Dhauladhar hills of Himalayas. Massive open area around this cottage gives it a perfect place to embrace the sight of sunrise and sunsets. And you haven’t even peeped inside yet. It would take some serious self-talk and motivation to take your glance away from it. In ambiance and décor, it blends completely with the cozy feel of the place, which has been 100 years old- the floor is comfy, warm and soothing wood, beautifully carved out bonfire place, myriad hues of fabrics gels with the impression of the vintage era.

Last but not the least, after consuming fresh mountain air, your hunger pangs sees no holds barred and how can we lag behind in this area? We work closely with an Experienced caterer who can provide fantastic home cooked ready to eat/heat food making some finger licking delicacies. So, if you are searching for a memorable summer holiday or the perfect getaway for a spring or autumn break? Book the cottages separately or together for a special occasion to arrange an unforgettable treat for your family and friends. Whatever your holiday desires, we are confident that you will not go without experiencing relaxation and rejuvenation!


  • 2 Bedrooms

  • Living area

  • 1 Bathroom

  • Functional kitchen

  • COST: 6,000 INR


  • 1 Bedroom

  • Kitchen

  • Living area

  • COST: 4,000 INR


  • Dingle House
  • Dingle House
  • Dingle House
  • Dingle House

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