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Nature Of Trip: Trekking

  • Price: 4500 INR per person
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Day 1Dharamkot-Kareri Village

Today, you will begin the Kareri Lake Trek, and in its first phase, hike to the camp at Kareri Village. The climb is not difficult at all, and will take you through dense but beautiful pine jungles. As you tread along the trail for 4-5 hours, you will pass by some small villages. Most of the journey involves trekking down the mountains, and only the last part has some climbing. The village you are walking towards is atop a ridge, and has an altitude of around 5905 feet. Stay will be in a Camp.

Day 2Kareri Village- Kareri Lake Trek

Upon waking up, start the next section of Kareri Lake Trekking, and gear up for a tough climb. The path goes along a narrow mountainous river, named Liund, which will have to be crossed again and again. What follows is the most important part of Kareri Lake Trekking tour as it will take you to your final destination of the hike. This is also the most scenic part of the entire trip, and once you start walking, you will know why. You will first walk on a narrow, rocky and muddy track, lined with thickly forested mountains on one side, and a river gorge on the other. As the region is not too high, you will see coniferous as well as deciduous trees along the way. High above the ground, the mountains may be obscured by clouds. As you continue your Kareri Lake Trek, you will keep gaining altitude, and the vegetation will start becoming less dense. After a while, you will be walking on quite a rough trail. You will now tread along another rocky river, and the altitude of the region will result in the disappearance of deciduous trees. The campsite for this night will be another enchanting meadow,

Day 3Kareri Lake- Dharamkot

This day, you end Kareri Lake Trekking and hike down to a place known as Ghera. First, you will Trek down along the river and coniferous forests of firs and spruce, and as you lose elevation, the vegetation will keep becoming denser. After you lose a significant amount of elevation, tall deodar trees will start appearing, and the grass will grow lush. At Ghera, you will board a Jeep and drive all the way to Mcleodganj.

  1. Meals:  Day 1-Lunch and Dinner; Day 2- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; Day 3- Breakfast

  2. Food as per the trek menu, Professional guides

  3. Accommodation: Guesthouse/Mud House/Camp

  4. Transportation from Ghera to Mcleodganj

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