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17 Jun 2016


“Little By Little One Travels Far”

I started writing this piece sitting in an idyllic place (Shiv Shakti Retreat) overlooking the mountains. The beauty of the hills, the warmth of nature and the free flow of cool breeze on your face – when you have so much at one go, you really don’t need anything else. Oh yes! There is also an ache that I am feeling on my lower calf muscles. I came back from my Trek yesterday. Thanks to my job, I get to wander around a lot as compared to my earlier profession. It isn’t like I haven’t managed to be a part of Treks before, but this time, my body was enjoying every step a lot more. My Trek was hyphened with halts – clicking pictures, chitchatting with travellers, seeing smiling faces and also meeting my fellow friends: Bruno (my Trekking partner, a dog) and many birds. This whole Experience made me think about subtle similarities that Trekking has with our longest, yet so mysteriously beautiful, journey – LIFE.

1) Just start, don’t overthink

When starting on a Trek, there are people who are excited about it, ready to take the plunge and are anxious to get going. And then there are those who are constantly worried about the journey and are exhausted before they even start.

In the same manner, a writer before starting her first novel, an actor getting ready for her first scene, or a dancer before giving her first performance Experience a myriad emotion: a tingling feeling in their stomachs, apprehension and much more. But the key to start is to Stop Overthinking. It kills enthusiasm, creativity and zeal to Experience something wonderful that hasn’t even started.

2) Take breaks but not long ones

Once you are Trekking, taking breaks become imperative for the long journey ahead. One must rest, chill, enjoy the scenery, but don’t rest so long that you lose momentum. Rather, just enough to feel invigorated once again. Otherwise the guides have the best advice: ‘Madam, agar zyada baithoge toh aage jaakar zyada dard hoga’. Similarly, in life also, one should not stagnate but take short breaks to renew focus and enthusiasm to take on life’s next big challenge.

3) Have your own pace because you are unique

While you are on a Trek, there will be many travellers with different paces, different styles, different Experiences and so on. Climbing uphill, there will be times when your every step seems as heavy as lead and then, you’ll see a fellow Trekker leisurely stride by like it was nothing. And then, there are times that you overtake other travellers with ease. In life, don’t compare your journey with others. Everyone has got their own sh** to deal with. Get inspired from the ones who are ahead of you and keep inspiring those who are behind you. Just keep your own pace; keep walking and have compassion for yourself.

4) Don’t Carry heavy baggage

Before starting a Trek, we (HimTrek) always recommend you Carry just the essentials because the heavier your backpack is, the slower you will be. Similarly, inyour life, don’t get weighed down by emotions like grudges, complaints, jealousy, etc. Walk light. This way you will be more enthusiastic, can reach your goals faster and can enjoy the journey a lot more.

5) Be open to trying different paths

On a Trek, there is no defined path. To break the monotony you should explore different routes to reach your destination. Every alternative path will have its own trail and brings with it different Experiences. In life also, you have to keep exploring and find new dimensions. The path followed by someone else doesn’t guarantee the same result for your journey. Find your own path.

6) Smile all the way

Once you are on a Trek, you have to do it! You can either be grumpy and make it look like a herculean task, or you can put a nice smile on your face, enjoy every moment and spread happiness around you. The choice, ultimately, is yours!

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