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27 Jul 2016


There is no denying the fact that Mcleodganj is a foodie’s paradise. Once you start exploring the cafes of this place, you really don’t want to leave until you have seen it all, every nook and cranny. The variety of food available in this ‘melting pot’ of Tibetians, monks, locals and foreigners, are mind-boggling. Doesn’t matter whether you are full to the gills, it literally becomes an impossible task to say not to the infectious aromatic food in these cafes, specially when our hunger is inspired by the fresh air of mountains and beautifully surreal cold weather.

Here is our list

Seed Café:

Best things in life are difficult to get andto be seen. Same is the case with this one. This café is not to be seen that easily. Keep looking to your left as you walk down the Jogibara road, and you will spot it. Once you enter into the place, you will be smitten by the beautiful view that it has to offer. It has a Great view of mountains with a really lovely set up- traditional floor seating arrangement with cushions arranged on the floor has given it an oriental feel altogether. The best part lies in the calmness that this place gives you. It is not at all cramped. On the other hand the nights are quite lively with either soft rock music or open mic nights or live music. Speaking of food, though there food menu is limited but they surely serve a nice warm home cooked food, good for the soul. PS: Don’t miss their banana chocolate pancakes.

Clay Oven:

Located in the heart of the main market on the Jogibara road, this café is one of the oldest in that area. The interior of this place is exquisite and filled with warmth; the vibes of this place places you in your ‘happy zone’; the tastefully placed lanterns just adds to the charm. With their café- like- décor they have very immaculately designed their food menu also. With the diversity of the food menu, a real can face a tough time. But a few things that can’t be missed are – quintessential honey-ginger-lemon tea, hot peach tea, tradional Nepali Thali, Thantuk, Tibetian food, and a slice of cake.


When you imagine yourself in the hills, with a hot cup of nice tea/coffe with a lovely meal and a view overlooking the Kangra Valley, then this is the place to be. It has both indoors and outdoors seating arrangement. The spaciousness of this place can’t be missed. One can sit here for hours and not a soul will disturb you. Apart from its ambience, this nook has some Great music. Evenings are mostly busy with live music gigs. When it comes to food, their black coffee, breakfast – bacon, eggs (sunny side up), Tukpa, and to leave on a sweet note, then try their lemon cake.

Café Illiterati:

Staggering down from the main market, you will find it on Lower Jogibara road. Warning: Don’t take a step back, just keep walking becaiuse we assue you it is going to worth all your efforts. Once you enter into this café, you will find it hard to believe that you are staying in India anymore. Quite ironical toits name ‘Illiterati’, one can get really illuminated with the diverse range of bookshelf that is lined up on sides of the wall- books on psychology, spiritualism, Harry Potter series, Raghu Rai photography and many more. While your eyes are overwhelmed with the view, your heart cannot stay untouched with its ambient warm furniture, open windows, seating in a balcony and a cute little puppy who greets you on and off. In terms of food, they serve freshly cooked Italian food. Their burgers, pizzas, pastas and waffles are unbeatable.

Jimmy Italian kitchen:

Liveliness fills your soul, once you step into this café. You are going to love their ambience which is rustic and gelled with famous posters of Hollywood films giving this place a very Bohemian feel. The staff is very pleasing and quite proactive. This place stands out as compare to the other Italian eatries in the area because it has rooftop, the menu is diverse and offers huge variety, and the food is above par. They undoubtedly serve the best chocolate mousse. Also, apart from their pizzas, try their salads and shakes. This place is a must try for gourmet cuisine.

Mcleodganj is teeming with little unexplored gems. Stay tuned for our next list. Till then Bon Apetit.

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