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20 Sep 2017


A walk through the not so well-trodden path, lies the magical place, at the far end of the Parvati Valley- Tosh Village. This village, situated at a height of 7874 feet above sea level, lies on the slope of a mountain overlooking a river and a waterfall.

A loud noise of gushing river, twittering of birds and a distinct smell of Marijuana, inadvertently imports you into a psychedelic space. Tosh is located further 3 km uphill from Barsheni. This small hamlet houses around 150-200 homes. To enter the village, on needs to cross a small wooden bridge. From here on, you enter into the harmonious, quiet life of Tosh unlike on another road is the buzzing town of Kasol and the trekking trail of Kheerganga

A village at the far end of the Parvati Valley.Tosh is situated at a height of 7874 feet above sea level. Tosh is located 3 km uphill from Barsheni. Once the trek starts, you will meander through the narrow trail but as you ascend higher, the trail broadens with a vast stretch of lush foliage.

With its great options for fun and excitement, this trek has no dearth of surprises. While walking, you will observe that the houses in the village are mostly made of wood and have slate roofs and simultaneously there are also a few modern houses with tar-roofs that are coming up. One cannot overlook the strikingly colorful houses that this village has to offer. This village too has many colorful (and colorfully named) cafes -- such as the Pink Floyd, Olive Garden, and Evergreen. The village square has a sanctimonious piece of architecture in the middle, which is cordoned off -- a fine of Rs 3000 is payable for touching it, accidentally or otherwise.

Given to its laid-back approach, people in this village are mostly farmers and practitioners of animal husbandry. They mostly grow apples and hashish in the villages. This is the very reason that trail makes you walk through stunningly beautiful apple orchards and green pastures. Women in the area work more than the men is the unofficial buzz.

This village is here to sit, relax and unwind your senses. Off late, owing to its popularity, many trance and psychedelic parties are organized by foreigners here deep in the woods. With every With every step, you take there will an upsurge in love for this place.

As the evening approaches, clouds suddenly embraces the village of Tosh. Lap up the rustic and indigenous surroundings and just lay around and simply drift away from the reality.

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