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22 Oct 2017


TDo you think you possess the adventurous cells in your body? If you are nodding in consent then this is for you. We only have one life and one body to take care of, and we better do it right. You never know what tomorrow may bring and so we better live this life the best we can. Moreover, life is just not about doing 9 to 5 job. You need to have a break, a breather so that you can stop, relax and gauge the direction of your life. If you are craving to have such moments then, there is an exciting suggestion for you- it is to go for HIKING!

Now, if you ask why then we have reasons.


As the phrase goes, variety is the spice of life, it is so true when it comes to exploring different cultures. If you are well versed with the traditions and culture around you, and then you need to move beyond them and discover the new cultures. Embrace and explore a simple lifestyle, while meandering around little hamlets which will definitely fascinate you to the core.


Being connected to the world 24*7 is no more a luxury. There are times when you see so much artificiality and deceit, you just want to switch off and stay disconnected for some time. As we say, ‘Offline is the new luxury’ because it would give you a time to think and channelize your life in a much better way.


While discovering new cultures, you inadvertently goes into a much calmer space. And from here the journey to find yourself or could be the journey to face your demons starts. Believe us, there is nothing therapeutic thank a hike around hills which would show you how spectacular the world is and it would be the best time for you to sit, relax and reflect.


You are likely to find fun, outgoing people coming from different walks of life. The kind of unbreakable bonds that seen is a testament to the fact that friendships built during hikes and treks have a different flavor. You will agree that the friendship we make in real life is bounded by duties and responsibilities. But mind you, the people you meet during your hiking trip and the friendships you make during your journey are not tied with any difficult sentiments. Hikers are unlike regular travelers, those who enjoy sightseeing. They relish the journey and the tough ordeal that goes in undertaking a trek; they get high on the summit of a mountain.


You know what’s the most difficult thing to get in the cities? FRESH AIR! Won’t you agree? Going for a hike/trek will be a healthy boost of energy. No amount of sweating in the gym for hours can be compared to the fresh air of mountains.


If you want to test your mettle, we dare you to go for a hike/trek. The challenges you overcome while climbing a mountain and once you reach the top, and the high you get cannot be described in the words. Though the reward is not in cash or any materialistic gain, it is the satisfaction and a sparkle in your eyes.

So, don’t wait for anything, JUST GO FOR IT!

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