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13 Nov 2017


You know what is the best thing about the mountains - it grows on you and how.

You can be dealing with a life crisis or the wrath of monotonous routine; you can be craving for ‘something different’ in your life or maybe at this moment life is too much to handle. Whatever it is, the sight of the mountains at the end of the road seems to wash away the bad for sometimes or maybe you might find your answers. Now to top it all, just imagine the mighty peaks covered with fresh snow. The vastness and the enormity of the Himalayas seem magical during winters. If you have never seen a fairyland then this is it. Now, there are so many reasons why trekking in winters is the best and we have list down a couple.

Sometimes less is beautiful

Considering the number of adventure seekers getting more and more acquainted with the concept of adventure tourism, especially trekking, many hills in the Himalayan region are getting more and more crowded Some of them have become a sort of a party place rather than the abode of peace seekers. But in winters, there will be a crowd but you won’t seem people flocking around all over the place. The hills are more serene and calm.

Beautiful landscape and vistas:

‘Himalayas’ mean ‘home of snow’, and you’ll see a lot of snow which you can’t see otherwise, even on the treks with a lower elevation. Green pastures and meadows covered with the blanket of snow and the view that you get is unparalleled and magical beyond words.

Sunsets and Sunrise

The sunsets and sunrise in mountains are something to view for. Just imagine the Midas touch of Sunrise on the snow and while the sunsets, look up and experience the surreal milky way and the full moon in its full glory. Something that you can never forget.

Know your mettle

Trek during winters is more strenuous as the conditions sometimes get uncertain and to beat the cold becomes a challenge. Overcoming all the hurdles becomes a challenge and once achieved it would leave you with never experienced before satisfaction.

Frozen Lakes

These words just remind us of Chadhar Lake Trek. Go for it while it’s still there. Don’t forget to play some sports on it.

Therefore, if you are fearing cold then don’t. Winters could become one of the best times to experience the splendid beauty of Himalayas.

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