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About this activity

Chandrakhani Pass Trek offers a view of some of the biggest Himalayan dwellings that follow your adventures. Witness the splendor of the Pir Panjal ranges falling in the north, the Parvati rising high in the east, and the Bara Bangal range in the west. With vibrant meadows spreading out against the backdrop of majestic peaks, it embraces you.

In addition to providing stunning views of the Pir Panjal and Parvati mountain ranges, the pass also allows you to glimpse the Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks. You pass through broad meadows, streams, and waterfalls as you descend from the past.

The "Valley of Gods" is another name for the region around Chandrakhani Trek. According to a tale, the
deity Jamlu was carrying a basket full of gods when he approached the place, and as soon as he did, a violent gust of wind blew all the gods out of the basket. Each one descended to the earth and assumed the shape of peaks, leading to their renaming as Indrasan, Pir Panjal, Deo Tibba, and Parbati. The pass offers a stunning view of these summits. With such legends and breathtaking peaks as a backdrop, a wonderful trek is sure to keep you thrilled.

A Journey Through History

Steeped in records, Chandrakhani Pass has been an essential change and pilgrimage course for centuries. Ancient villages dotted alongside the way provide a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the place. Visitors can immerse themselves within the neighborhood traditions, witness age-antique customs, and study the charming folklore that has been exceeded down via generations.

In order to reach the Chandrakhani Pass, one must traverse a variety of trees, including blue pine, deodar, walnut, golden oak, and wild cherry. A broad perspective of the Kullu region and its cloud-touching peaks is provided by the hike. The journey starts in Naggar. From here, the trail gradually ascends to the Chandrakhani Pass, which is located at an altitude of 3,713 meters.

Quick Facts:

Region: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Start/ End Point of the Trek: Naggar

Duration: 5D/4N

Trek Height: 12,185 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Trek Temperature: 5°C to 15°C during the day and at night 3°C to 10°C

Best Time to do Chanderkhani Pass Trek: May to October

What is the Best time to Visit Chandrakhani Pass Trek?

The optimal season to trek to Chandrakhani Pass is generally said to be from May to October. This is the time of year when the climate and weather at this location are ideal, making for excellent hiking.

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What’s the Difficulty Level of the Chandrakhani Pass Trek?

The Chanderkhani Pass Trek is classified as being between simple and fairly strenuous. In addition to this, the degree of difficulty also varies on the person undertaking the trek. If you are a novice, you might run into some challenges; if you are an experienced hiker, the walk will undoubtedly be simple for you.

Can we Rent Equipment for the Trek?

Himtrek does provide easy accessibility to almost all types of equipment required for the trek on a rental basis with reasonable prices and extremely good quality. The equipment can be arranged on prior notice.

How is the weather during the Chandrakhani Pass Trek?

The temperature ranges from 5°C to 15°C during the day and 3°C to 10°C at night. The weather depends entirely on the months you have selected to trek in. Excellent visibility and the possibility of snowfall are both present from October to November. It becomes much colder if you decide to do the trek in December, though.

What is the Height of Chandrakhani Pass Trek?

Chanderkhani Pass rises to a height of around, or 12,185 feet, above sea level. Given its tremendous height, getting to the pass from its base camp can take 4 days.

How to Reach Basecamp?

The meeting point for this trek is Naggar which is 25 km from Manali and is easily accessible by cabs or private vehicles. To reach Manali, one can choose from the following-

By Road: The quickest and most economical way to get to Manali. Manali is accessible by road from several locations, including Delhi (540 km), Chandigarh (305 km), Dehradun (227 km), and Ambala (370 km).

By Train: The closest railway station to Manali is Jogindernagar. Other train routes to Manali include those through Chandigarh and Ambala.5

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport, 10 km from Manali. Cabs and local buses are easily available from Bhuntar to Manali.

4 Nights 5 Days Available on request

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  • Capture the captivating panoramic 360-degree view of the valleys and peaks of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The most magnificent treks that introduce trekkers to Himachal Pradesh's secluded, mountainous cultures.
  • The stunning pass provides breathtaking views of the Parbati mountain range, Pir Panjal, and Deo Tibba.
  • The main attractions of the trek are rocky pathways going to deep coniferous forests opening up to broad, beautiful green pastures and meadows.
  • Set off on a trek in the lovely alpine pastures and snow-capped mountains at a height of 12,185 feet.
  • A reward for the nature lover during the voyage is the picturesque splendour of the Kullu valley and the mountain peaks that dot that horizon.


  • Accommodation on sharing basis.
  • All Meals (Veg), including from Packed Lunch on the 1st day to Breakfast on the 5th Day.
  • Well Qualified Trek Leader.
  • Supporting Staff and cook.
  • Forest Permits.
  • Basic Medical Kit.
  • Accommodation on Tent Stay /Homestay.
  • Camping and Trekking Equipment (Tent, Sleeping bags etc).
  • Anything which is not included in the above inclusion.
  • Porters or Mule to carry your personal Luggage.
  • Any kind of Personal Expenses.
  • Personal Medication.
  • Travel to and from Naggar.


Pickup Point

Himtrek Riverside Camps & Hostels, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Day 1: Report at Naggar, Naggar to Chachogi

  • The meeting point of the trek is Naggar which is where you will be reporting on day one. From Naggar, a small, beautiful town in the Kullu district, you will begin the trek.
  • The tranquil village of Naggar is found on the east bank of the River Beas, tucked away among the hills. From here, you will begin your trek towards Chachogi village.
  • Chachogi is a small village of Naggar Tehsil itself, and its 2 km from Naggar. It is an easy hike taking you to the beauty Kullu Valley beholds for trekkers.
  • At the end of the trek, you will reach the homestays in Chachogi where you’ll spend the night. Unwind and refuel yourself for the next day after dinner and catching up with the fellow trekkers.

Day 2: Chachogi to Stelling/Ghan Kraree

  • On day 2, wake up to a beautiful sunrise in Chachogi, from where your trek to Stelling will begin.
  • From here, a direct path will lead you to Stelling, which is 1350 metres above sea level.
  • It is a 5-6 hour long trek taking you through the nature and sceneries. You will arrive at your campsite at the end of your five to six-hour trek.
  • You'll spend the night in tents beneath the stars.

Day 3: Stelling/Ghan Kraree to Naya Tapru

  • The next day, we will ascend towards Naya Tapru, a trail heavily snow-covered with rhododendron, birch, oak, and wild chestnut trees.
  • The view improves as we ascend the peak. The ascent route is encircled by a thick forest, then a big meadow after crossing large rocks.
  • Shedu Pathar, an open hill, is beyond the white rocks. Naya Tapru, slightly higher, offers a clear view of the powerful Dhauladhar, Hanuman Tibba, and Priyadarshini ranges.
  • We will take photos, do slides, and play in the snow.

Day 4: Naya Tapru to Chanderkhani top and back to Naya Tapru

  • The trek begins at Chanderkhani top, where the trail becomes thinner and more rhododendron-dominated.
  • The highest point is Chandrakhani Pass, which offers stunning natural scenery.
  • The ridge trek from Chandrakhani pass to Magic Valley is unique due to its ridge walk.
  • The summit features snow patches and numerous peaks, including Mt. Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak.
  • Kullu Valley's panoramic vistas and snow-capped summits further enhance the beauty of the area. After reaching the highest point, the trek returns to the "Naya Tapru" campsite.

Day 5: Naya Tapru to Naggar

  • Here comes the final day of your trek as you’ll start descending today back to Naggar.
  • Following breakfast, everyone will begin the descent to Naggar base camp.
  • As we proceed through the dense vegetation, a clay surface marking the end of the trek comes into view.
  • The descent path takes around 4 hours and it finally ends in Naggar.
  • On reaching Naggar, you can move on to your own destinations from here.

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Himtrek's Riverside Camps and Hostel, Manali
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